I'm not made for this running lark

Just got back from 10 mile run (and shower!) before work meeting at 7pm. Am scoffing pasta and a banana as I type - rude I know, but I'm multi-tasking!

I know 10 miles is long, but I don't think my body was helping itself by repeatedly making me stop for various stitches/twinges/stabbing pains along the way.

It wasn't until mile 9 that I managed to run a full mile loop without stopping - so I only managed 2 miles of non-stop running!

That is, in a word, pants.

I'm just really struggling to get a decent rhythm going at the mo.

When I think I find it, after a few minutes my body just goes weird on me.

Stupid untrained body.

Just because I completely neglected it for more than a decade, it thinks it shouldn't do exactly what I tell it!

At least this time I found some of that stubborness that makes us northerners so special. I'm going to show my body that it can whinge all it wants, but it is going to do this thing, whether it likes it or not.

Now, must dash as I have to read 228 pages of meeting reports in 10 mins*.

*Boss, if you're reading this, that's obviously a joke...

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