Shop review

Last week I asked for some feedback on running shops.

I won't say the response was overwhelming (it's hard to breach my whelm) but there was enough for me to go on about for a bit.

The most popular suggestion was Sweatshop by a long way. Price, range and staff expertise were the main reasons people recommended it.

also got a mention – with their gait analysis and staff knowledge. On the downside, they've only got a few stores, and I don't know if it was my browser (FireFox 3.0.5) but there website was a nightmare.

I was the lone voice for JJB, but that's mainly on convenience and price – or at least my perception of price.

To check the price angle a bit more, I thought I'd do a simple little test – look at how much could you get kitted out for with the essentials (trainers, shorts, t-shirt) at each store?

Since I want some, the trainers I've gone for are Asics Nimbus IX's. The shorts and vest are just the cheapest non-cotton types.

Asics Nimbus IX

Wicking t-shirt



  • JJB: £98.99
  • SS: £82.03
  • Dec: n/a
So, my perception about JJB was complete and utter tosh!

They were more expensive overall as the trainers are significantly cheaper in Sweatshop (I know where I'm going next payday!), and the t-shirt was more than twice the price.

Frustratingly, Decathlon were cheaper on the other items, but I can't include them in the totals as their website was, frankly, pants*.

Their frames were all over the place so I couldn't read the product list in search results – I may even have not found the cheapest items, I just got bored looking!

* Yeah, this isn't exactly the best site in the world, but I'm not a shop.


  1. Yes decathlon website is very shoddy.
    It is a French company !
    Their own brand clothing is amazingly cheap though. Ive even run a marathon in their own brand trainers and they are as good as the Brooks and Asics ive got now and for around £40.

  2. Really? Might have to pop into the shop in Surrey Quays next time I'm in that neck of the woods.
    Though the idea of running in £40 trainers goes against my instinct to at least not scrimp on that bit of kit!