Food glorious food

Not having eaten what could be called a proper meal in five days (toast doesn't count) my thoughts are naturally drifting towards food.

My stomach thing has set me back a few days on the training, but on the plus side, I've lost an other half a stone in a short space of time.

I say “plus side” as a large factor in performance is weight – the more you've got to carry round, the more energy you need to carry you.

There is a downside too – my clothes are starting to hang off me again, and if it's anything like last year, it won't be long til I can do the thing from the slimming ads where I can hold out my trousers out miles in front of me.

I've now got people nagging at me that I'm not eating properly/enough given the amount of training.

They may have a point.

Unfortunately, the idea of pasta at the moment makes me want to retch, so I need to brush up on my training nutrition so I can try to get back on track.

Any thoughts?

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