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I've been having fun crunching numbers in my visitors logs and seem to be detecting a pattern.

I have a good chunk of readers who are regulars – read most posts, most days, and generally seem happy to chart the progress of my inevitable torture.

Thanks guys.

Another chunk appear to be, what I'm calling “semi-regulars”. They pop in every so often – once or twice a week, read back on a few that they've missed, just checking I'm doing alright. Like your mom when you leave home.

Then there are those who visit occasionally, and only for certain bits – these are the discerning readers, looking for something specific. They pop in for a quick gnaw on me, before disappearing off, waiting for it to grow back.

The last group are the one-offs – one visit is enough. I like to imagine these are people wondering what it's like to do a marathon, find me, then are put off for life. If true, then this is my target audience!

For the rest, you can still stalk me a variety of ways.
  • Facebook - add me as a friend or join the Phil Runs London group
  • Twitter - follow me on twitter (profile id is philrunslondon) where I tweet regularly.
  • Email subscription - simply enter your email into the box on the right of this blog, verify it's you, then you can get regular updates in your inbox.
  • RSS - for those with readers like Google Reader, My Yahoo, Newsfire etc or use Firefox live bookmarks.
Peace out.

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