To run, or not to run...?

I'm down for a 9 miler tomorrow.

Bearing in mind I've been out of action, and am still feeling a bit weird, should I go the whole hog?

Would a shorter run be more realistic?

These few weeks are supposed to be about increasing my mileage, so I need to get a decent base of good length runs, but will I do more harm than good?

Something to ponder...


  1. I would plan for the 9 miles, but be ready to call it a day early, your body is kind of good at telling you how much it will cope with.

    May be all that pasta is not too good an idea just yet.

  2. That's pretty much what I did!

    I still can't even cope with the idea of pasta. I suspect that's what scerwed up my stomach last week, so I'm on the hunt for carb replacements!