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After my illness-forced break I got out last night for the first time in a week,

Eight miles was the target, which I was didn't make, but I didn't want to risk it as I'm still not 100 per cent.

Main thing of note was that for the first time I'm noticing the benefits of being lighter. I'm naturally quite stocky so whilst not overweight (I hope!) I'm not exactly light.

It's now getting to the stage where my clothes are starting to feel quite big, and I feel like a kid whose mom has bought him stuff to grow into!

It happened last year too. At least this time I won't have to get alterations to my suit for a wedding where I was an usher – I had to lose two inches off the chest of the jacket!

When I set off I just felt lighter - my strides seemed easier, and it just felt less effort.


The river had obviously been over it's banks during the day as the paths were impossible to run on, and the roads had a weird sludge which wled to a few "bambi on ice" moments.

I did take some pics, but my cameraphone doesn't have a flash, so I've got a selection of screenshots of black to peruse at my leisure now.

Next step, 11 miles on Thursday

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