Anti-social networker - catch up II

The first thrilling instalment of my catch up blog was a cliffhanger...

Would I make it to my 12-miler the next day?

Would the success of the 6 miler go to my head?

Would Susan's feelings towards Karl's child with Izzy impact on her relationship with her soon-to-be son-in-law Dan?

I've got no idea about the last one, but I'd guess yes.

Anyway, woke up the day after my six miler feeling pretty ok. Aching was at no greater level than usual from tired muscles.


Carefully packed my bag with everything I needed, and only the essentials and shimmied into work.

Then, a couple of hours in, I was hit by a bombshell.

Not an actual bombshell - a metaphorical one.

The nicer kind of bombshell.

Anyway, the gist of the bomshell was a meeting I'd been trying to set up for a week had been scheduled for 4pm. That sucks as I want to leave at 4 to run home (please bear in mind I get in before 7:30 am every day!).

I didn't want to run later as I had someone coming round to collect some stuff so I was faced with missing 12 miles of running loveliness (yes, that is your sarcasm detector going off te scale).

Fortunately for my training, unfortunately for work, the meeting got cancelled at 3pm, so I had an hour to get mentally ready to get out.

Once I got changed and got going the main thing that hit me was how warm it was.

I was only in t-shirt and hi-viz, but I was boiling.

Bause I was running pretty much dead east for the first 4 or 5 miles, I just couldn't find any shade.

The hi-viz lasted a mile and the Lucozade I started with lasted about 3 miles, then a mile later I jumped into a shop for a 750ml bottle of water.

I didn't actually "jump", but you know what I mean.

That lasted all of 3 miles before I got another half litre bottle.

Heading out of Ashford I found some shade, but it's worrying that at about 12 degrees I went through 1.75 litres of fluid over 12 miles.

Which seems a lot.

I didn't really run when it was warm last year, so this is all a bit new to me.

It's not like I'm a big fat sweaty minger (I don't think - please be gentle in the comments) so what's going on there?

Does my northerness mean I can't cope with temperatures in double digits for running?


  1. Relax! There's heaps of water and lucozade on the course in London - and London-April hot is *not* very hot, even on a sunny! I used to worry about running in the warm... but mostly its mental not physical - even the 34C of Ironman France last year wasn't too bad :) R*E*L*A*X - it's too soon for taper madness yet!

  2. Not quite in the taper frenzy yet - just alarmed that I drank so damned much!
    I'm looking forward to not having to carry drinks and just tuck in around the course

  3. Phil, have you cut back on your coffee consumption? Or tea? Basically caffeine increases how much you sweat. So if you drank more coffee or tea then you'd be sweating more & as you're running 12 miles you'd need to replace it. Does that help? Cut back on the caffeine & that should help decrease the excessive sweating & then hopefully lead to you requiring less liquid.

  4. I've cut back on coffee - though it has been replaced by tea.

    And it that cup...

    You might be onto something there - I always knew you'd have a good idea one day!

    Cheers dudette!