Cineworld rock!

The lovely, lovely people at Feltham Cineworld have thrown me a couple of free tickets to give away to help raise cash for Hounslow Action for Youth.

At up to £8.20 a pop, I'm quite chuffed to offer these - just need to work out how to use them to raise cash...

I was thinking of putting the name of everyone who donates before a certain date (including those who already have) into a hat, then just picking one.

Sound good?

Any comments/thoughts/suggestions welcomed!

+++++ Update+++++

Really should have mentioned the tickets can be used at any of 75 Cineworld venues in the UK


  1. You could always auction them off to raise extra money. Added incentive for those who have yet to donate to get something extra out of it (other than feeling fab for doing something good).

  2. oooh - hadn't thought out of that
    will ponder