Super weekend blogging action round up type thing

Here's your weekly update of e-marathon blogging fun!


Mad as a box of frogs uses the trusty old mind trick of distracting yourself with mental arithmetic by calculating the proportion of your run done every mile on his rather picturesque sounding 18 miler.

Becki Saves the Rhinos sneakily 'forgot' where she lived, then upon remembering, threw up. That's normal isn't it?

Dan Worth is heading to that lovely place called Taper Town. A few more e-marathoners will be joining him there next week, so he's got a few days to tidy up and geet the beers/glucose drinks in!

Running for Rhinos isn't going to let voices in his head and seeing imaginary gravestones stop him getting round his longest run yet!

Three chickens and a runner may be guilty of a technical infringement (if he tells anyone) and seems disappointed not to have been rained on. Scientists... *rolls eyes*

Sir Jog a Lot seems to have let fame go to his head after winning the Justgiving video comp - no update on the weekends training. Prob too busy with signing autographs and groupies.

No update from Jim yet either - I'm starting to worry... I refuse to believe rumours that since he's met his fundraising target he was last seen with a Panama guidebook in his pocket, carrying a canoe towards the North Sea.


  1. Lol thanks for the link :)

    I tried using Ulen's method of working out how far I'd gone but just got depressed so stopped doing that!

  2. In that case you should have converted it into decimals in your head!

  3. Actually I was thinking how much easier it would be if a marathon was 30 miles instead of 26.2 ... it's a much better number to break down into all sorts of smaller manageable units - half, third, quarter, fifth, sixth and so on. Who's the governing body which decides these things? Perhaps I should suggest it?

  4. @ ulen. Coupls of things.
    1. why would you wish it were longer? 24 is a nice number too!
    2. you don't want to make it too easy or you'll have to think of something else to occupy you whilst running.