How the hell did I do that?

I'd like to take a moment to take stock and reflect on a personal achievement.

Yesterday marked the completion of the hardest week of my training!!!


If you'd have said a couple of months ago that I'd manage 55 miles in a week, I'd have laughed you out of the room.

I may also have referred you to some kind of psychiatric assessment.

But, somehow, that's what I've just done.

The wee ahead is 'only' about 50 - depending on what I choose to do on Sat. Then it's tapering down from 49, 43, 32 (oh bliss!) before peaking again at 58 which includes the marathon itself.

Still a tough couple of weeks ahead, but that's the point - the harder these are, the easier (relatively speaking!) the big day itself will be!

So there's some light at the end of the tunnel.

Even if the tunnel is 232 miles long...


232 miles.

That's like from my house in Chertsey to Thirsk.

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That's brought me back down to earth with a bang.


  1. 58 for the week of the marathon - that sounds like lots! Relax and enjoy the tapir :)

  2. Just a few little ones to keep the legs going, and to trick the body into storing more carbs for the big day!

  3. I would say do nothing in the week before the marathon, that's what they told me at the training day I went to, and the bloke had run a marathon in 2.17 so I like that advice.

  4. Think about tapering Phil. 58 miles in marathon week will leave you pretty knackered for the big event!

  5. @Hollywoof lol, the Tapir? Will it help with training? I didn't think they could run that fast... ;o)

  6. I believe in doing a few light five milers in the week of the marathon. It keeps the legs moving, which is good & it helps you to stay focused.

  7. First off, I did sums wrong - the last week would be 48 miles (including 26 for marathon). Think I may have added the 8 miler I'm plotting for tomorrow.

    Methinks I need a full post on my reasoning for my taper but I'm too knackered to do it now

    @ Ravendarque - I tolerate all kinds of spelling here, I'm very open-minded about that kind of thing - mainly due to my appalling typing often being ridiculed!

  8. Doesn't everyone see tapirs during the last few weeks?

    In the run up to IMNice last year we even talked about sponsoring a tapir at the local zoo - we never got the money together (talk is cheap!) but we had decided it was going to be called Madness...