Super weekend blogging action round up type thing

Lots of blogging action this weekend.

The first few are feeling it a bit, but hopefully take heart in knowing that they're not the only ones going through it!

The Marathoner is having a bit of a crisis of confidence, so send her some love. Though new shoes on the horizon seems to have cheered her up - I could make a comment about women and shopping but I don't want to get beaten up.

Running for Rhinos is in a bit of a post-Silverstone rut, which from the most positive e-marathoner out there is worrying. Typically he finishes sounding more determined to do better, which is the kind of optimism that never appears at PRL Towers.

Sir Jog a Lot is another suffering a bit of doubt - despite magic beans. Like a true man, he's going to tinker with the innards of his times to see what's going on!

Becki Saves the Rhinos found her zone in a zen-like state of happiness whilst on her furthest continuous run so far. Or it could have been too many painkillers.

Mad as a box of frogs made 16 miles non-stop and seems to be running in the rural version of the 28 Days Later - where is everyone?

Jim seems to be secretly duelling with me on my long run - in the nicest possible way. If you're a gambler, bet everything on him - easy money!

3 chickens had a 20 mile race and was fast and supportive of his running mate- if a little fixated by inventing a game show and peeing.

Dan Worth blames geology for making runs harder than necessary - it's a fair point, and when I perfect time travel, I'm gonna see how a few rocks moved around millions of years ago could make all mine easier.

Less than five weeks to go!


  1. Nice blog, I do blame geology, I blame it for a lot of things actually.

  2. @ Dan W - ta v much. I've got a friend who did a degree in geology and usually when things go odd it's his fault.
    Extrapolating that out to all of geology means everything that goes wrong is geology's fault