I'm sure you'll all be glad to know that I'm still in one piece - hurrah!

On the downside, the piece that's left is not in great shape - boo!

It's like panto this - only with slightly less cross-dressing.

My 12 miler was going as well as running 12 miles can, up to about 9 miles in, when my right foot kept doing a weird thing.

By "weird" I mean it kept hurting. A dull pain when my foot hit the ground.

It wasn't unbearable, so I just thought I'd keep an eye on it.

A mile or so later I was on familiar territory for the home stretch when I landed my foot on a bit of paving that was uneven, and a flash of pain shot through my foot.

As I was mid stride, my right leg just went over sideways on the knee, and I - for want of a better expression - stacked it into the ground via a wall.

I'm more than used to hurting myself through falls etc - a childhood of overexuberant tree climbing, a poor sense of danger, and a pretty high pain threshold mean I often don't realise I've done something til someone points out the blood spouting from whatever new wound I've given myself.

So I just got up (checking no-one saw me - thankfully I think I got away with it), walked gingerly for a few strides, then tried to get going again.

Another sharp stab of pain, this time from my right knee, told me that that was a really dumb idea.

I stopped, grimaced, and assumed the bent over posture of a knackered runner.

When I opened my eyes I saw red.

Lots of red.

Streaming down my leg.

Leaping into paramedic mode, I spat on my finger and prodded what looked like the source - a piece of glass at the bottom of my thigh.

I managed to prise it out using a small key that I've never known to open anything, and gave it another saliva coated rub.

Being 2 miles from home, with no-one around to call on for a lift I had to trudge home slowly, trying not to put weight on my knee.

After an age (it's weird how running's so much quicker than walking isn't it?) I made it in, where I'm now all cleaned up, antisepticed (possibly not a real word), and my knee's strapped up.


Gonna rest up for a bit and see how it goes. It doesn't feel as bad as when I did it last year in training, and that was two weeks out rather than almost two months.

Hopefully, an easy couple of days followed by easing back into the schedule will be enough, but I rather suspect my secret super ambitious target time is out of the window.


I know opinion was divide over pictures, so to find the middle ground, here's one I find disgusting.

My after run drink!

I may not have stirred it enough...


  1. I knew you were jeolous of my DIY surgery, this is taking it to the extremes...
    Hope you're all patched up and running again soon.

  2. Thanks Leigh - I think it was probably subconsciously self-inflicted after reading about your surgery
    I'm going to try blaming you for a while to see how it goes - that cool?