Negative + negative = five positives!

Take one generally negative Phil and add a run that may have buggered up his knee.

The result?

An unexpectedly positive blog post!

Who knew that my maths teacher would be so wrong about negative numbers?

After a comment on a post yesterday* I thought I'd slip on an ill-fitting veil of positivity that I stole from a small orphaned child**, to see what rays of sunshine I can find from this mornings escapades.
  1. I'm not dead - always a bonus.
  2. The run was actually pretty good - despite the fact it was in the morning when I usually tank.
  3. I got my fluid intake sorted - no near-bursting bladder incidents.
  4. I remembered how much I enjoy The Replacements cover of Another Girl, Another Planet.
  5. It happened on a day off - when I'm at last getting a sofa I can lie out on delivered!
See, I can be positive!

Or, I got the dosage of my painkillers wrong...

* Reading between the lines, it was - rightly - calling me grumpy.
**Possibly not an appropriate joke given the charity-minded types who run marathons, but I liked it.

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