Pre-run preparation

I'm making a conscious effort to get a routine for getting ready for my long weekend runs.

So far, I've got my route planned for tomorrow's 17 miles of fun.

Gonna be the same basic loop as last week with tweaks to hit the right distance.

I'm not sure how the whole clocks going forward thing should be factored in as I need to get up early to make porridge, but I'm sure it'll work out.

After a weird week of training, I want to get this one nailed, so am trying to use today to prepare as much as poss.

By 'prepare' I mean rest and eat properly.

After a good week the week before last, I've let my diet slip a bit and I've noticed it make a difference to my runs.

So, lots of healthy stuff, feet up and relaxing - there are some positives to this training sometimes!

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