Right, I have a plan

After way too much distraction (also known as work) I've at last picked my route for tonight.

This has been a painstaking operation, involving lots of pouring over maps projected onto the walls of my secret bunker, pointing at things using a stick, and beating fists on tables.

To summarise, I'll get to HAY via bus wearing shorts (that'll no doubt entertain the kids), and will then have a nice 9.5 mile run home.

It's not a brilliant route, but there were much worse. There could be issues with the "bridge of death" again, but I can't find another route where I don't run out of footpath, which between 5 and 6pm is a teensy bit dangerous.

I also need to get 5 x 1,000m fast sections in there, which sounds good, but I have no idea how far 1,000m is.

So, after more fist-banging, pointing and accompany montage music, I've printed out the route with 1 km markers to on there to take with me so I can at least have a good guess.

If it's wrong, the worst that can happen according to complex modelling through game-theory is I get eaten by wolves, so I'll give it a whirl.

I'm drinking another of those weird Lucozade powder things at my desk, and have a different one to make up for when I'm actually running.

Kit's in my bag, remembered socks, got knee strap as well to be safe, so think I'm ready!

I don't think I've prepared so much for something in my life!

Just remembered I need to top up my Oyster card - buttocks.

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