A change is not as good as a rest, but it's ok

Home, showered, and munching wraps in front of tv.


My 9.5 miler from HAY was actually pretty ok as runs go. The knee has some residual soreness, but seems to be handling it pretty well!

I decided to ditch the music and try to make the most of the different scenery.

Now I doubt many of you have been to the Feltham area, but if you have "picturesque" isn't something you'd expect it to be associated with.

But the few miles through there on the beginning of my journey were pretty funky.

I almost agree with 3 chickens about how nice it was running today. I don't think I'll ever be full of the same kind of joy, but it certainly was nicer than the cold and rain.

The beautiful weather made everything seem to glow, and without the earphones I noticed the parks, rivers, and other charming features that you miss if you're just shooting through in the car.

The "bridge of death" was as much fun as before, and it was an Audi again - if you've got one, please learn how wide you are!

I managed to make it the whole way without more bladder issues. In fact, I even stopped for a top up at the petrol station.

Not for petrol (though, it sort of was I guess), I got more Lucozade.

I had 500ml a couple of hours before, had another 500ml mixed for the run, then bought another 500ml.

That seems excessive.

It might be my Northerness, but I reckon it's linked to it being a bit warmer. I get uncomfortably warm above 12 degrees, so running on a sunny evening may have led to excessive sweating.


I need to try weighing myself before and after a run to see how much moisture I lose. I really want to get that right as that was one of the most annoying things last time - queueing for the loo doesn't half hit your time.

So does losing the use of both knees, which was the most annoying thing last time!

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