This is what it's all about

I've now got the JustGiving page set up for my chosen charity, Hounslow Action for Youth.

I went to meet some of the kids, and the arts programme worker who's supervising the design of the top I'll be wearing on the big day!

I rocked up there yesterday (bit late - thank you TfL!) in my running kit, ready for the run home afterwards.

I was chatting to the arts woman when some kids turned up, and a girl wandered over to me and said "I've designed this for you!" and showed my a pic of a top she'd designed!

I didn't even know they'd been told about it, so it was ace she'd already spent some of her own time designing it!

It looked a billion times better than anything I would have done, but I realised I'd need to brief them a bit better - she'd gone for long-sleeves, and there was no space for my number.

I told them about the space I need to have, and the lack of sleeves, so they're plotting that now.

Looking forward to seeing the results!


  1. That is excellent, to have that direct link between what your doing and the people it will benefit is tremendous and must give you great motivation.
    I look forward to seeing the designer top, any chance sequins could be incorporated. I'll give you a tenner if you get your number in sequins on it somewhere.

  2. @ Leigh

    It is good to get the link - and they are a great organisation which is why I wanted to run for them!

    I'm forwarding the sequin request to my designers.

    Can imagine it might require more vaseline...

  3. Phil. Some advice on your JG page.

    1) Change the stock photo. It sucks. No really, having your own photo will increase donations, it's a proven fact.

    2) Don't add hyperlinks using Firefox, they don't work (they just appear as javascript:void(0);/*1236846097698*/ instead of the real URL). I guess you need to use M$ Internet Exploder for them to work properly (I found that out after an age of trying to work out what was wrong on my sister's JG page for our charity abseil in June!!)

    3) Fix the first two and I'm sure I'll think of something else!

  4. @ ulen - cheers for the tips!

    Not been at PC with pic I can use yet - I hate that generic one.

    Didn't realise JG were a firefox hating site. Could be interesting as I don't actually think I have IE on any machines I use...


  5. Phil I also will give you a tenner (in your currency not mine) if you have your number in sequins - I think it's brilliant! And if you are worried about it being a hot day you could team it up with one of those spangly sequin hats f rom the 80s.

  6. any more bids on the sequins?

  7. Hi Phil,

    I work at the centre and wanted to say how thankful we all are for what you are doing for the centre and the young people we work with.

    I will definitely donate more if sequins are on the top.

    Best of luck :)

  8. @ Siobahn

    Thanks v much! Gonna see how much this sequin thing alone raises!

  9. HIIIII,

    This is Bijal from the Hanworth Centre.
    Just to give you an update on your top....the sequin numbers have been done!
    They look fantastic.
    Young people have really enjoyed designing and making the top..cant wait to see the finished version!

  10. Is excitervous a real word?

    That's how I'm feeling about the top!

    All good fun though