Things I notice to pass time when running

Things I overtook on run home yesterday:
  • 4 bikes - 2 ridden by women of a certain age, 1 small child and 1 father teaching aforementioned small child how to ride a bike
  • 1 motability scooter - I may have lost control momentarily and actually made the sound of an F1 car as I overtook, rather than merely thinking it
  • 2 fellow runners - in your face!
  • 1 dog - not so much overtook as ran away from
Things that overtook me:
  • multiple cars - obv
  • multiple bikes - including another woman of a certain age who couldn't seem to ride in a straight line
  • 1 goose - doing weird running take off thing by the river


  1. Loved the F1 car sound bit - it just made me choke on my drink with laughter!

  2. Does Silverstone etiquette dictate that we all need to make F1 noises when we run round on Sunday?

  3. @ becki - sorry about that. I don't recommend drinking when reading my blog. Drinking before reading it makes it better.

    @ulen - I don't think it's ettiquette, I tihnk it's the law.

  4. Lol that's OK!

    I'll leave you boys to make the F1 noises at Silverstone though :)

  5. Sadly I shan't be there, though I'll make up for it by doing the noises if I overtake anyone on Sunday morning!