Silverstone race guide

For those of you doing the Silverstone Half on Sunday, I've* put together this helpful guide**:

A lap of Silverstone starts with the fast, but challenging, Copse Corner.

Hit the right hander flat out, before easing off as you swing through the bend. It's off-camber at the exit so take care with those ankles.

A short burst takes you to the Maggots-Becketts-Chapel S-bends.

Maggots is by the pit exit, so be aware other runners who've had their tyres - sorry, trainers - changed flying out onto the track***.

Take the sequence of right and left flicks as fast as you can without losing control, before swinging out onto the fastest section of the track - Hanger straight.

You can really put your foot - sorry, feet - down here on the way to Stowe.

The late apex here means you have to brake - sorry, slow down - into the corner. I usually flick through the gears, but you might want to just not put your feet in front of each other quite as quickly.

Be careful not to understeer - sorry, running too far off the line - as it will affect your lap time a lot.

You then roll out into an easy exit along Vale that leads to Club, before braking - sorry, slowing down - for the long right-hander.

Be careful of oversteer - sorry, running too far inside the line - as you accelerate - sorry, run faster - through the corner here.

Coming through Club, get up through the gears - sorry, reach a comfortable pace - to accelerate out of the corner.

Next is a short straight to the left of Abbey corner, which has a fast entry and is a good place for overtaking.

There is a short exit before the flick right of Farm, and you'll then slow as you go up and over the hill into Bridge corner, which you can take flat out.

You're then coming into the Stadium Complex where you can really get some overtaking done!

It starts with a quick entry into Luffield. It’s quite fun to drift out there and it tends to dance around with the back end - sorry, I'm not even going to attempt a running alternative for that!

You come out of Luffield and get on the brakes - sorry, slow down - for the tight left of Priory, which is immediately followed by another tight left at Brooklands. This is where you'll see those a bit behind you running towards the corner you just left - a good chance to sopt anyone on a flying lap so you can take a defensive line.

The sweeping right of Woodcote is the final corner, and you accelerate through the two apexes of the bend as you swing back round onto the pit straight to complete your lap.

Remember, making F1 style noises might seem a bit naff, but if you don't, you'll get a 20 second time penalty.

********* update***************

As pointed out by 3 chickens, you need to be careful of punctures - sorry, screws in shoes - due to the debris left my the petrolheads.

I wonder if when the cars go back there's lots of bits of runners lying around on the track...?

* Thanks to for the map, and several iterations of F1 games on PlayStation, for the info.
** Though I can't imagine it being that helpful as 1. I wrote it, and 2. it's not just straightforward laps on the day!
*** That might only happen in my head


  1. Excellent, cheers for the support!
    I can't remember whether actually happened or it was just me with my ipod, but I think they play the famous BBC F1 tune before the start (for those matorheads's thats 'The chain' by Fleetwood Mac). You thus can't help but make car noises.

    Personal note, please warn fellow drivers (runners) to watch out for car debri (screws and such like) that might cause you a puncture and early unplanned pit stop (5 mins of swearing at screw stuck in shoe)

  2. @Leigh I'd think that playing the Mac would be some kind of pre-condition for the event taking place at all.

    Good tip on the puncture potential - will flag it up!