Thanks for the help Bob

Thanks to Dan Worth, via the charlatan Sir Jog a Lot* I've been able to get my first celebrity endorsement!

* I saw Sir J's, which spurred me to do it, so originally credited him, but it seems he callously stole it from a small child, who had been given it by Dan.

I think.

It's very confusing, and a fine example of 1 - my rubbish memory, and 2 - why it's bad to "borrow" ideas from others. I promise to try to be more original.

Why don't I set up some kind of website where people can "socially network" with other people they know?

They could "pinch" each other, create "gangs" and share pics of each others faces on their pages. Like a yearbook...

I think I'll call it "facepage"...


  1. Yes it is... ;-)

    Tue 10th March:
    "Managed to get Bob Dylan to help with my #londonmarathon sponsorship!"

  2. ha, genuine laugh to that brainwave.