Sequins challenge - update

Last week I set the sequin challenge, which provoked a small flurry of donations to my charity, Hounslow Action for Youth (£94 so far - thanks chaps and chapesses!).

The idea is that I'll run in a top with my number on the back in sequins if I can get 20 people to make a pledge via my Justgiving page, of any amount at all - even a couple of quid - and put the word "sequin in the message.

I still don't have to do it as I'm 12 short, so if you want to see me setting a new trend, get thee to my page!


  1. Phil, lovely Phil…do you remember this comment:

    “Kiwi friend we managed to successfully get ejected from the country - hi Emz, hope that cream has cleared up your rash!***

    *** I hope she doesn't get another visa or I'm dead.”

    Extract from Dazzling idea

    Well you are safe for the next four months, enjoy them…they may be your last…mawahhhhh!

    Nah kick ass in the Marathon I’ll watch out for you hobbling on TV here, although you may be upside down…but the sequins will shine through. See you in summer.