RIP Asics

Asics - Dec 2008 - March 2009

It is with great sorrow that I have to announce the death of my latest pair of trainers.

After a short, but eventful life, they finally succumbed to a total collapse in cushioning.

They were only ever meant to be an interim measure, but they just kept going - clocking up over 300 miles in their short, hard life.

Through flooded roads, along muddy paths, past dead swans, they've kept going, when other trainers would have given up long before.

Their tireless efforts were an example to the rest of the shoes in Phils wardrobe, and their legacy will not soon be forgotten.

The Asics are survived by a pair of shorts, several pairs of socks, and a few t-shirts.

They will be binned in a short, private ceremony this weekend, and friends are encouraged not to send flowers, but to make a donation to Phil's marathon attempt.

It's what they would have wanted.


  1. My local running shop has a recycle bin for used trainers. A bit more eco-friendly than just binning them?

    Oh and yes - I agree with Sam - go for the SAME trainers, you don't want to be trying out a different style/brand now!

    Luckily for me I bought 2 pairs BOGOF last year, and swapped over to the new pair a few weeks ago ( so I'd have a newish but worn in pair for the Marathon itself.

  2. I take the opposite view (my trainers are being swapped over today as well). I always buy different makes everytime I change trainers as it changes your running style every so slightly which means you don't continue to impact on the same part of your legs and feet.

    This is not even remotely scientific - it justs works for me.

    Lanson Running in Kingston will be getting some of my cash in about 1 hours time.

  3. Thanks for the condolences on my recent loss.

    I've spent the day schleping around surrey looking for my trainers in the same size - which I've failed comprehensively at.

    No worries, I'm on it!

    ps @ulen - will keep eyes peeled for the recycle bin thing. Would much rather think they were still pounding pavements somewhere

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