For [insert rude word]'s sake!

How hard could it possibly be to find some trainers?

Since mine died, I've scoured Surrey for the replacement trainers in my size and have failed magnificently.

Either they don't have them, or they do, but not in my size, or they do but only the right size for one foot.

Even the interweb seems to be letting me down, so looks like I'll be getting a different model.

At least there's still a monht to go to get them worn in!


  1. It's an Asics end of year Financial ploy.

    All Asics trainers die during March forcing people to buy replacement shoes, thus Asics end of year sales fly through the roof, and all employees get a huge bonus.

  2. @ Leigh - thats a good ploy! I even tried a giant JJB's and they didn't have a single pair of any Asics trainers.


    I find that deeply suspicious

  3. ....but JJB isn't a sports shop, it's a fashion shop. I am not sure they would sell anything you might actually want to run in.

    I have my new trainers on a I type this wondering whether to risk them for 21 miles on Sunday.

    Perhaps three miles or so tonight and another three on Saturday to run them in will do it.

  4. JJB tend to have some bits in (eg thats where I got my hi-viz gilet thing)

    In a moment of desperation I even tried JD sports... Now that's a fashion shop!

    How they can hhave the word 'sports' in their name is beyond me

  5. try this place:-

    you might just get lucky,

  6. @ Leigh
    Cheers for that. Forgot about that site - had noticed them late last year when looking and should have given them a try. Just checked and it's the same prob - not in my size. It's just too common/popular so there's never any left!
    Be not afraid though, there's some exciting news to come!