150th blog post for FLM 09 - reflective remix

Just read an interesting post by Dan W on how (to paraphrase) social networking has helped with his fundraising.

I'd have to agree - I've raised approx £185 via this blog/twitter (£129 of that is the sequin challenge - still need another eight pledges for that to happen!).

I never set out to have this online stuff as a way of fundraising. It was more a way to keep those who had sponsored up to date with how it was going.

That got me thinking about why I started blogging etc, and how it's evolved.

So I had a look through the sophisticated electronic filing system here in the bunker at PRL towers and realised I've written 215 posts (of varying quality) on this blog since I set it up before last years marathon.

By an awesome coincidence, this will be the 150th of this particular attempt!

That seems excessive - but you will keep reading it!

As time's gone on, and more and more people have given their time to reading and commenting (I seriously don't understand why people read the random outpourings of my mind) it's kind of evolved to be many things.

At the mo I see the online stuff, in no particular order, as:
  • way to share the pain with family/friends
  • support group
  • pressure valve
  • fundraising tool
Which is pretty cool.

I don't want any one thing to take prominence as that'd get boring and probably ruin the rest of it.

So, thanks to those who read, thanks to those who comment, and thanks to those who donated!

You've all helped make this blog the strange and wonderful thing it is!

Keep up the good work

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