Foot transplant too expensive? Get new trainers instead!

Following the sad death of my trainers, I spent much of my random day off yesterday scouring Surrey for a replacement pair that actually fit me - which it turned out was harder than it sounds!

But fear not gentle reader, for your hero has succeeded in his quest!

I'd like to introduce you to Tom and Jim*, my new trainers.

They're way too white for my liking, but I'll get them good and mucky in the next few days!

As we all know, when you get some new trainers, you need to break them in. So, I whacked them on as I went about my day, and, being a geek, took pictures.

Here's them on the way from the chippy (carb treat after hectic day looking for them!) to the car:

Here's them in the car on the way back from the chippy:

Here's them in the car after I'd be scolded for having my feet on the dashboard:

Here they are, slightly blurry, as I scoffed said delights from the chippy (not reflective strip showing in the flash - I'm sure that'll stop me getting run over!):

And, finally, here they are as I'm reclining and reading a very informative marathon blog...

* First correct guess why they're called that from a fellow e-marathoner wins a £5 donation!


  1. I have no idea why Tom and Jim, despite racking my brains all weekend, but seeing as I am the only one to reply can I have the fiver donation?

    Dan Worth

  2. @Dan Worth maybe... though I thought it was quite obvious. But then I guess I would!

  3. I tried searching your blog, googling, thinking of play on words TrainJimers


    Something to do with Gyms adn Times? TimGym, Gym Time?!

    Something like that...this is genuine (possible) inspiration striking.

    Dan Worth