Super weekend blogging action round up type thing

Lots of good running happening over the weekend

3 Chickens got over-enthusiastic racing his imaginary friend through a haze of pig poo and chocolate.

Sir Jog A Lot was dissed by a waitress before the Eastbourne Half.

Madasaboxoffrogs and Becki Saves the Rhinos are both going a bit Proclaimers on us - though Becki is more impressive at playing with graphs.

Running for Rhinos deliberately got lost, ran too far, but enjoyed himself!

Everyone seems happy, but then that's just the ones who've blogged - if you were miserable and hating it, then you prob wouldn't say anything.

Unless you are me.


  1. Cheers Phil, love the summary of blogs especitally mine, will be back following your efforts from now on! Looks even more surreal when you put it like that ... Hope it picks up for you - I haven't "met" anyone who admits to truly enjoying this yet

    Neil (aka Running for Rhinos / kusasi)

  2. Keep these up Phil (not just because you keep mentioning me!). Nice little round up.

  3. Glad you like - gives me a legitimate excuse to see how everyone's doing!