Super weekend blogging action round up type thing

Big news at the weekend was the Adidas Silversone Half Marathon.

I didn't go, but lots of fellow e-marathoners did, and it seems to have gone pretty well.

Whilst Mad as a Box of Frogs managed his pacing brilliantly, he came a cropper leaving the car park – wonder what the Garmin splits would have looked like for that?

3 chickens (whose weekend delivery adds the legitimacy his blog name was lacking up to now) managed to get out quicker than Mad As (I suspect insider knowledge), and set a blistering PB.

Jim seems to have voices singing to him in his head. But it sounds like Fleetwood Mac so it's not necessarily time for the men in white coats!

Dan Worth was sometimes hot, sometimes windy but shaved 7 mins 19 seconds off his PB.

Running for Rhinos got over his nerves and inexplicably talked himself out of walking for a bit despite his running buddy Becki Saves the Rhinos agreeing to do it as well.

Becki hasn't posted yet, though she had some "random thoughts" (don't we all - sharks on rollerskates are my musing for the day...) she'll get down soon.

I hope one of them includes here reasoning for her sneaky sprint finish to beat R4R!

I was debating posting a list of everyone's times, but it's not about that.

Main thing was everyone got round in one piece, showed themselves thay can do it, and now have laser beam focus for the London Marathon - less than six weeks to go!

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