Dazzling idea*

A couple of comments on a post on Thursday about my visit to my chosen charity, Hounslow Action for Youth, have hit upon aa potentially rich new seam of fundraising - thanks to 3 chickens.


Not the trading of them on the commodities market (I've no idea what they're made of, but they're shiny!), but the inclusion of them upon my running vest.

To a lesser man, this might seem somewhat effeminate.

I know I come across as an incredibly butch, strong, super-athletic Northern alpha male *cough* but I'm perfectly happy wearing a pink shirt.

I'm comfortable with myself in this regard, so don't have any machismo hang-ups about my appearance (my friends/colleagues/people who've walked past me can confirm this!).

I've alerted my crack team of t-shirt designers** to be ready to include my race number somewhere on my top, in sequins.

So far I've had two offers of a tenner (one from 3 Chickens, and one from a Kiwi friend we managed to successfully get ejected from the country - hi Emz, hope that cream has cleared up your rash!***).

I'm gonna see if I can drum up some more cash around work and friends, but I think this might be a nice little addition to the fundraising!

There could be some downside though.

Whilst I'm perfectly happy to ignore "traditional" gender roles, I have no earthly idea how you put sequins onto something.

I imagine it might involve stitching, which could lead to chafing issues - somewhere else for the Vaseline then!

Also, if I get "in the zone", there's a real danger that my blistering pace could see them dislodged from my top at incredible speed.

The potential for other runners and spectators receiving shrapnel injuries as the shiny disks fly towards them is something I'm going to have to give a lot of thought to. The idea of being responsible for permanently implanting a sequin in someones forehead does not sit comfortably with me.

*Possibly the worst title I've ever given a posting...
** It just dawned on me that having kids do this makes me some kind of sweatshop baron, and I'm surprisingly ok with it.
*** I hope she doesn't get another visa or I'm dead.


  1. You are right I will totally hurt you...so you're the one who's been talking to the home office huh??? We will have to see about that one I reckon. Mawahhhhhh...

  2. Like they'll let you back in the country!