Super weekend blogging action round up type thing - addendum

The Marathoner/Sam has a mile-by-mile account of her weekend shenanigans involving horses, self-doubt and an awesome pic of her blood blister.

She gets bonus points for use of photography to illustrate how horrible training is!


  1. "But then this whole training for, and running a marathon, is pretty cruel and unusual."

    and you have done it before!

    I did a long run yesterday. It was ok, a bit slow ,no real drama but totally and utterly boring.

    I don't want to run for three hours or more just to train. This will be my first and last marathon and to nick a phrase from Steve Redgrave;

    "If you ever see me training for a marathon again you have my permission to shoot me".

  2. It is mind-numbingly boring on the long training runs.

    The only distraction you can get is the onset of some ache or pain - hardly something to look forward to!