Super weekend blogging action round up type thing

Mixed bag of runs this weekend:

Three Chickens progress is like a movie cliff-hanger now he's succumbed to man-flu - will he recover in time to get back on schedule? Will he get the roof on his new chicken house thing? Stay tuned to find out!

Jim is revving up for Silverstone with some speed work - with mixed success.

Another Silverstoner, Mad As A Box of Frogs, suffered from wind, raced a deer and hurt his buttock. There's not a lot more you can say to that...

Kusasi/Running for Rhinos is being v. professional with his target-setting and runners lingo. The thin veneer may have cracked with the swearing at traffic though...

They're the only blog updates I've seen so far (I'm starting to worry about Sir Jog A Lot and The Marathoner)

There is news from other marathoners on Twitter though...

Becki Saves the Rhinos was out rattling her collection tin at the weekend, and, inexplicably, has business cards made of rhino poo...

Sam Shepherd did 16 miles and has a blood blister.

People seemed a bit less positive this weekend (welcome to the dark side...) but I think the grotty weather isn't helping.

Good efforts all round though, and I'm looking forward to next weekends blogging when it seems almost everyone but me will be at Silverstone!


  1. Thanks again for the mention, business cards made of rhino poo is very appropriate imo! :)

  2. Appropriate?



    I'll let you decide that...