Once more into the fray...

So the knee's doing much better than I thought it would, so I'm gonna give it a trial tonight – just a gentle 5-miler to get back into it.

Fingers crossed it'll be up to it.

Checked my training schedule for the week and I've got a couple of hard days coming up mid-week, including a monster VO2 session on Weds.

I really want to try to get all my runs done properly this week as after almost a week out, I'm getting a slight panic.

Earlier in my training I missed a bit for illness, and with only seven weeks to go, I know from experience that I can't afford to miss much more.

Saying that, the same experience also tells me that I can't afford to get injured so I can see this being a tough week as I try to strike a balance between useful runs, and not overdoing it.

My 10 mile VO2 is followed the next day by a 12 miler, which seems excessive, but I need my body to be used to these demands – we are now entering “monster month” after all.

This is where I really start to push myself and build on the previous months of training.

It's gonna hurt, but it'll pay dividends when I hit London on April 26.

I just really don't expect I'm going to enjoy this...

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