Hello pain, old friend...

I've said it before, and I'll say it again, the brain is exceptionally good at making you forget bad things.

Until they happen again.

After my tumble yesterday, I took it pretty easy (though had to put a sofa together on one-leg - not as easy as it might sound!) to try to give the old knee a chance to start getting it's act together.

It has repaid me with interest this morning by hurting like a good 'un.

And it's persuaded it's friend my ankle to join in the retribution - I'd hadn't realised that I tweaked that too, but it's complaining like I beat it with a crowbar.

I'd forgotten just how much it hurt when I mangled my knee last year - you do use it for more than you think!

On the plus side* (for those who think I'm too negative - you know who you are) it doesn't feel as bad as last time, and the cut's closed nicely and looks clean, so I won't have to hack my own leg off any time soon.

So I'm now wondering how I can fashion some kind of footrest - A-Team syle - under my desk to keet my leg elevated a bit. The tools at my disposal don't fill me with optimism - cardboard boxes, newspapers, and some old maps - but I'm gonna get some caffeine in me and see what I come up with!

* I feel abused for putting that

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