Male brain vs female brain

In an earlier post I talked about fashioning some kind of rest under my desk to help keep my leg elevated.

After a forage around the office I found string, a tray from the canteen and some good-sized clips from which I began trying to fashion a concealed pulley-system.

A female friend wondered what I was doing, looked bemused as I explained excitedly the feat of engineering I was attempting.

"Or you could use that?" she said, pointing to a box of files that would fit at the perfect height under my desk.

It seems to be working, though is somewhat less aesthetically pleasing than my solution would have been.


  1. Females have no imagination.
    Does she have normal feet?
    sorry getting obsessed

  2. I'm starting to worry about you going stir crazy...

    I don't know her that well, and fear asking could end up with me on the wrong end of an employment tribunal.