How soon, is too soon?

Hoorah! My knee feels suspiciously less painful today...

There's still a bit of a dull ache, but it's muchos more comfortable than it felt yesterday - it seems my hi-tech rehabilitation* programme is working!

I'm not saying I could do the Macarena** on it, but it's definitely feeling better than I feared when I limped two miles home bleeding and covered in mud.

Now I'm in a bit of a quandary – when do I start training again, and how much?

Tonight's 11-miler is a no-no. I might be daft, but even I'm not that daft.

But a few gentle miles tomorrow?

Then how quickly do I build it up again?

I also need to get my trainers replaced as I suspect their expiry is linked to the foot pain I was having that caused the whole mess.

They've done a fair few miles, but with 325 miles of training left – minus the bits I'll have to cut down to ease back in – will a new pair see me through to marathon day?

Decisions, decisions...

Will have to get a fresh brew to ponder them. Tea anyone?

* Strap it, lift it, ice it.

** Technically, I couldn't do the Macarena before, it's more of an expression. I'm not saying I can't do it - I've got moves - but it's just not happened yet.

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