To loop, or not to loop...?

Think I've got my route sorted for tomorrows 20 miler.

Given my inability to run holding things, I'm gonna try a risky strategy...

I've found a 5 mile loop (well, 5.0006 miles really, but I'll take the hit) so am gonna do four of them (4 x 5miles = 20 miles!).

This has a few of things going for it:
  1. I can leave bottles of drink by my garden and pick them up when I go past
  2. It's a proper marker for trying the weird gel things
  3. I'll never be more than a couple of miles from home so if I get into trouble I can get back easily
Sounds good?

But there's some downside:
  1. Loops are the Devil's run - they tempt you to finish earlier with the promise of a sit down every time you go past your house. I like sitting down
  2. There's a real chance of boredom as you keep going past the same things
  3. I could get dizzy
On balance, I reckon it's worth giving it a try though.

I'm gonna take it super slow for the first couple of laps, and try to pick it up for the third. The fourth will be pretty much a 'lets see how I feel' lap - I'm guessing it'll be slow again, but it'd be good to try and finish well.

So, today I'm carbing up, getting my stuff ready, and taking it easy after 5 very cautious miles this morning.

Then up bright and early tomorrow (about 6am - I love training, I really do!) to get the porridge in me. Gonna give it a bit more time to digest this time so hopefully I won't end up with runners guts like last week.

Touch wood, the better planning this week has done the job!

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  1. Go Phil Go!!! Good luck hun, I think it is a great strategy. Yes the gel things are way weird but they do actually work - well I think they do but they taste nasty!