Caling all fellow e-marathoners!

Blogging's been a bit light this week, but I hope everyone gets back on form for their big weekend runs!

I'm heading up to 20 miles (and still haven't found a route!), and a few others will be pushing it this weekend too.

I want to read about the pain, the heartache, the drama, the interesting sights and smells of your training - the real nitty gritty that people who are too sensible to try this kind of thing don't get to hear about!

So, when you collapse on Sunday aft, try to do it in front of your computer and share it with the world, and I'll add you to my Super weekend blogging action round up type thing on Monday.


  1. I'm aiming for 15 miles (I'm a bit behind on the long runs having missed a couple through weather and illness), and will try and get myself together enough to blog about it. The fact that I get running amnesia as soon as I've finished running will make no difference whatsoever! :)

  2. eight blogs in a week is light? that's more impressive than 20 miles. okay, doing a 16 this w/e so will do a short update at some point.

  3. @ becki - 15 miles is still a bloody long one so don't worry! Trying to remember things as they happen could be a little game you play to pass the time!

    @ Dan - aye, been a busy week! Don't have the benefit of anyone I know locally doing it so use this as a place to vent! It's incredibly therapeutic...

  4. I'm going for 16 too this Sunday. Then 18 next Sunday, and 20 the week after... You can count on a blog from me :)