Tonights mission...

I mentioned yesterday that today I will be going to meet some of the kids from Hounslow Action for Youth, and I was a bit nervous.

I typically self-defiant style, I've decided to make it even less pleasant by running home from there.

This will take some planning as I hate running with a bag, the normal driven route has no footpaths, and I need to add in some "long-cuts" so it's up to the right length.

I need to leave stuff at work, get to the place on the bus, then run from there. I'm thinking get changed here and go there in my running stuff.

But then I'll look like a tool - a bloke in running kit on the bus just looks lazy.

That's nothing new, and not really something I'm bothered about, but it's a factor.

I'm now going to heat my porridge (not the same as proper porridge, but it'll do), pour over maps and charts in my secret bunker, and shuffle models of U-boats across a table whilst making sonar noises a la Jonesy from Police Academy.

Should be a productive day!


  1. Why would you pour your porridge over your maps? Are you making 3D contours to include some hill runs in your master plan?

  2. I am now - shame it's not hillier (real word - honest!) around here