Urgent illness update!

Following my initial suspicions this morning, news has reached me that a third e-marathoner has gone down with a mystery illness.

Siclark is suffering from "lurgy".

PRL Towers has gone into full on lockdown mode - I'm writing this from a secure bunker with air being filtered through hi-tech systems that it's too complicated to explain.

I'm still awaiting confirmation as to reports that Si recently opened an email from "Terry O'Rist", but in the meantime, be on your guard!

The best way to stay safe is to
donate money to e-marathoners - ideally me, but there are others (see "Super weekend blogging action round up type thing").

Buy canned goods now - ideally wholemeal carbohydrates - and take the vitamin C!

Above all else, stay vigilant!!!


  1. My sports therapist recommends iron suppliments too. I suggested to her I should drink more Guinness, but she said Steak & Ale Pie would give me protein and carbs as well...

  2. She sounds like the kind of fun and freedom-loving person we need to defeat the terrorist threat!

  3. Its only 3pm and I'm now thinking of a pint of guiness served with steak & Ale pie, supplemented with a vit C tablet.

    After my little wobble, Vit C is now back in favor as my Man-flu only lasted two days.

  4. @ Leigh - another victory over the terrorists!

    Pies & pints all round! Ulen's paying...

  5. Can Vit C help with muscle problems? My leg hurts :(