Illness or terrorists?

After 3 Chickens succumbed to man 'flu, news reaches the secret bunker beneath PRL Towers that another e-marathoner has been struck down by illness.

Becki Saves the Rhinos has come down with a cold (were she male, it might be more accurately diagnosed as man 'flu).

Now one person getting ill is ok (unless it's you, in which case it sucks), two could be coincidence, but three...?

I'm now closely monitoring Twitter, Facebook and the blogosphere to see if there's any pattern.

This could be some kind of electronically-transferred super virus unleashed by terrorists to diminish the usual spectacle of the London Marathon, thus depriving charities of millions of pounds, and leading to a collapse in the social fabric of the nation.

People wearing rhino costumes will be looting shops. Groups of men chained together in a line will be hijacking lorries carrying food. Women wearing large pink afro wigs, wings and tutus will be mugging pensioners on their way to the few remaining Post Offices we have left.

To avoid this kind of carnage and social upheaval, you need to act now!

Here's how you can help beat the terrorists:
  1. Take vitamin C - I've proven beyond all possible doubt in highly scientific tests that it works.
  2. Donate money to people running the marathon - ideally me, but there are others out there too (see my weekly "Super weekend blogging action round up type thing" for more)
  3. Be careful opening emails from anyone whose name is "A Terrorist" - it could be a trap.
  4. Never, under any circumstances, ever agree to run a marathon. Unless you really want to. Or you enjoy suffering. Or you're Paula Radcliffe - but only then if you're not injured/have been to the toilet before the race.
If you follow these simple steps the London Marathon will be saved and you should be safe from the terrorist threat.

Stay safe.

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