London marathon twitters

I've used twitter a lot to help me prepare to run the London Marathon, and it was on twitter where I broke the news I was pulling out through injury (12 days before the race, I mean seriously, how lame is my body).

I've met tweeted/twittered with loads of great people on there who are running this year and a few, thanks to the wonders of modern technology, are going to attempt to tweet their way around the course.

So, if you're wrapped under your duvet on Sunday morning watching the marathon on the telly, why not add some web 2.0 richness to the experience by following:


If you're tweeting your way around, let me know and I'll add you to my list.

Oh, and if you are running the London Marathon on Sunday, pay attention to the road or you'll possibly fall into one of the pits full of lions and tigers they've added to the course this year.


  1. I'll be doing a few tweets at the start and finish. @Nigelrunner


  2. I was thinking of doing it but not sure how comms are going to hold up on the day - similar to the adidas tracking thing, it'll probably all crash like the one they tried to do a few years back ;) Plus need all my energy for running not texting!