The morning after the day before

There's lots of sore bodies out there this morning after thousands of people ran the London Marathon yesterday.

Unsurprisingly, blogging has been light - Jim and Ulen both have short updates, promising more later.

I can't wait to read more, but I'm not expecting anything too soon - you ache, you might be annoyed with yourself, and generally not feeling up to re-running it all in your head.

I say that because that's how I felt last year. It was a couple of days after before I posted my review.

The thing was, it helped. By writing it, I forced myself to relive as much of it as possible, and I remembered so many brilliant little experiences during the day.

When I finished I said never again (in fact, I was saying that 18 miles in), but by the end of writing my post, I'd talked myself into ending the ballot again!

It turned what I thought was an embarassing, soul-destroying performance into something I was immensely proud of - and still am to this day!

It just took a bit of effort to frame it like that in my mind as the pain was , understandably, clouding my judgement.

Hopefully the next few days will see a spate of posts from the e-marathon community, and I for one plan to read them all and congratulate them on what they've achieved.

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  1. I'm attempting to write a post at the moment, it's going to be the longest post ever! :)