Spreading good practice

Fellow e-marathoner Ulen spread the love with a great fundraising tip yesterday - using social networking to increase donations.

He even made tip of the day on the Justgiving newsletter!

It was an idea seemingly beautiful in its simplicity. Hijack your friends facebook profiles!

Just get people to post a link to your justgiving page in their status on fb and spread the word.

Kusasi tried it and got another donation (every little helps!) so I thought i'd give it a whirl.

So, last night I asked all friends and members of the Phil Runs London group to put:
My handsome friend phil is running the london marathon for a little charity who it'll really help. Sponsor him at www.justgiving.com/philrunslondon
as their status.

Last night four people had done it, though they seemed begrudging about the adjective.

Let's see what happens!

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  1. just checked facebook, and have taken over 9 profiles!