Saying hello to my imaginary friends

Following my post about getting a who's who of e-marathoners together, I had a bit of an idea.

Shocking, I know.

Let me take you through my thought process...

There are a few dozen fellow e-marathoners running the London Marathon later this month who I've chatted with via the blog/twitter/facebook.

Which is awesome.

This got me thinking - come the big day, I wouldn't know if I was running next to someone I've chatted to for months, as the interweb is a bit faceless.

Some, such as Becki Saves the Rhinos, should be easy to spot –
rhino horn on head. Others, I couldn't pick out of a police line up.

Not sure when I'd need to identify e-marathoners in a police line up though – probably a result of a break in at a pasta factory.

Anyway, wouldn't it be cool if there was a way we could identify each other.

I dismissed my original idea of asking us all to carry laptops/PC's as that could be cumbersome.

So, I thought how about some kind of sign?

Think someone's an e-marathoner? Why not show them some "M" goodness, like this:

Look at the delight on my stupid face...

Or, if we were more adventurous, we could try something like this:

Though, it could take a bit of work...


  1. hhmmm, I'm slightly worried that option A) may be mistaken as giving someone a two thumbs down gesture and B) I worry I won't have any energy left after doing the scrubs effort.

    Perhaps, your call sign could be 'Sequin King', which all co-emarathoners could shout at you if we think it's you-but honestly who else is likely to be wearing sequins?

  2. I'm trying to steer away from the sequins so shhh...

    Any other suggestions?

  3. I should be easy to spot on the day, as I will have bright green hair. And, no, that's not an April Fool.

  4. think there'll be a few green-haired folk so I could end up falsely greeting someone!

  5. I was considering the idea of a post-marathon tweetup/blogup so that we could all meet each other and share stories of how great the marathon was! Probably a week or two afterwards as everyone's going to finish at different times making meeting up on the day a bit difficult...

  6. Sequin King! Sequin King! Sequin King! Everyone join in! :)

  7. @ becki - like that idea. Should have stopped aching by then!

    @ leigh - is this what they mean by cyberbullying?

  8. We could tippex a large @ symbol on the back of our running tops, or sticky tape, or something like that. or a large E (for emarathon) or something like that?

  9. Like that one Dan!
    Or perhaps something like "I do it online"?
    On second thoughts...

  10. How are the sequins going by the way???

  11. @ Emz - that's the kind of comment that'll get a red flag on your visa!