Who's who of e-marathoning

I've been a bit slack updating my blogroll lately – combination of too busy at work, too many runs in evenings, and my sodding wireless connection being as reliable as my old Vauxhall Corsa in the winter.

Weirdly, people seem to like this as I've had a few emails asking for a new update.

That's not to say it's weird people like it, just weird people seem to think something I put on here is useful!

Anyway, to compensate, I want to do a comprehensive blogger update with every London Marathon related blog I can find.

I've already got a fair few, but want to add who fellow e-marathoners are running for, and a brief - Phil style - summary.

Nominations/suggestions/requests to never be associated with me welcomed in comments below or via email.

Will try to get the whole shebang put together this week.

Merci beaucoup, mon petit cochon d'inde's.

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