Super weekend blogging action round up type thing

Two weeks out til the London Marathon and people seem to be enjoying their time in Taper Town. Crappy weather and niggling injuries seems to have been a common theme.

Despite me taking an age to get this done, there's still a few missing. Well, it is the holidays...

Becki Saves the Rhinos is getting beeped at by passing cars (in a good way), and is planning another sprint finish.

Running for Rhinos did himself a mischief in the bath, but his trainer ok'd his weekend running. Trainer? Isn't that cheating?

Mad as a Box of Frogs was late setting off again (should we tell him it actually starts at 9am in Greenwich Park?) and seems to be wearing v. tight shorts...

The Becca Boop
has far too posh a website for an e-marathoner, but since she's hurt her knee I'll not curse her too much.

Jim had nice weather for his run (everything is better up north), though that's mitigated by the fact he's got one of the pinkest vests ever.

That seems to be all the London marathon ones I can find for now. If I've missed you, or yuo update later, let me know.


  1. All that stuff I put in about the countryside noises, and you focus on my shorts...?

    And you forgot your own blog from the roundup :)

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  3. Dan W:

    Starts at 9.45 to be fair. I'll update mine tomorrow including story of locking myself out of house; p.s. can you remove above comment completely?