Phil won't run London

It is with massive regret that I have to announce that i'm pulling out of the London marathon.

Regular readers may have noticed blogging's been light recently. That's largely down to not being able to run.

For almost a week my right knees been killing me, and today I managed to get in to a physio.

He bent me a couple of times before telling me straight out i'm not running for 6 weeks, and only then after lots of physio.

Basically, i've got bad ITB - a bit of my leg I'd never heard of is, to quote the physio, screwed.

Cortisone was an option, but he said it was more likely to make it worse in my case.

I feel like i've been kicked in the balls.

Only just found out so still in a bad place.

12 sodding days!

Will update properly later when me heads less likely to explode.

Arse biscuits.
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  1. Sorry mate, I don't know what to say, I feel for you. If and when I complete will dedicate the run to you (not that a 5 and half hour plod will do you justice).


  2. Noooooooooooooooooo! Phil, what can I say? Utter disaster! We've never met, but I can almost start to guess at the degree of your pissedoffedness right now.

    My missus just asked me "what would you like someone to say if you had to pull out now?"

    It really is beyond your control mate. You'd be an idiot to run with an injury.

    Sounds a bit hollow :o(

    Absolutely gutted for you.

  3. Phil, hun I'm so sorry to hear that you are unable to compete in this year's marathon. However I do hope that once you've been able to process everything you contact the organisers as they allow you to defer to next year once & once only. So defer for next year, 2010 sounds better anyway, I'll be back to harass you good & proper & I will see if I can also get a ballot spot. So then I can really harass you! Hope you're alright & you've been able to mitigate any long-term effects by pulling out now. Big hugs from the Southern Hemisphere coming your way!

  4. Gutted mate. Me and Sirjogsalot met tonight in real life and said how much we enjoyed your blog and so on; big shame you won't be running. However, if the injury is that bad, you're doing the right thing. Worse to pull out half way around the course.

  5. That's a bugger Phil, I'm so sorry to hear that. Your blog and cheery outlook on this mad caper that we're doing is what's kept me smiling through the gruelling miles... making me think of good stuff to write and keep thinking positive.

    You must be gutted, but you can't knacker yourself in if you're ITB isn't up to it. It's a damn shame it's so close so it's too late to fix it. I hope you sort out a place for 2010 instead and I'll be cheering you on next year!

  6. Arse biscuits indeed,
    Gutted for you, hope you can defer. Just wasn't meant to be this year, you couldn't have done yourself justice.

  7. Oh no. What a shame :(
    But far safer to defer to next year than risk a repeat (or worse) of last year...

  8. Buggery bugger bugger!
    I blame the sequins,the added weight imbalance...who suggested that insane idea? I'm totally gutted for you Phil. Could we not construct some sort of contraption like the one under your desk and I'll wheel you around? I sent you an email, but hadn't read your update.

  9. I'm so sorry to hear about this Phil but try to keep your head up. I know you'll be disappointed not to run but you've got a great base level of fitness to start from for next year.

    Get through this 6 weeks and keep it going. Book yourself in for as many 10ks, half-marathons as you can we'll all see you in 2010.

  10. @ all of the above

    You have no idea how much each and every one of the above eased my intense pissedoffness.

    You are all amazing people and rest assured I'll be willing each and everyone of you around.

    Still not exactly happy, but avoiding thinking about it by trying to sort a few things out - nore news to follow!

    Thanks again for the kind comments - its soooo appreciated