Last couple of days

Since I found out I couldn't run this year's marathon, I've been trying to keep busy.

I got in to see the quack yesterday and have been referred to physio. Weirdly for the NHS, this should start in the next month so the rehabilitation can get underway. Not so weirdly, the doc hadn't heard of ITB. This isn't a surprise as another doc once told me when I went in for back problems that she didn't really do muscles etc, she did drugs (not in a heroin addict way).

I've also today been in to see my charity, HAY, to get presented with my sparkly running vest.

I'd told them I was out, but they said the kids were so excited to do it we wouldn't tell them yet. They've put in lots of work, and it really looks great (even the sequins are skillfully blended in!) and I'm really chuffed the kids enjoyed putting it together.

I've also been plotting my assault on the 2010 London Marathon... only 12 months to go!!!

I'm also trying to get the who's who of e-marathoning sorted as it's been sat waiting to be finished for a while now, and I've neglected the final polishing. Just need to blast through it!

Last thing I've been doing will be revealed in the morning. Hopefully you'll all be on the edge of your seats in anticipation of the announcement!

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  1. I saw my doctor about my ITB last year. He had no idea what was wrong really. Referred me to a physio, luckily I get BUPA from work - so got to choose the one I wanted to see - one who specialises in running and is a distance runner himself. A scan, loads of massage, and a rather expensive pair of orthotics later and my ITB is fixed, so I'm fit for 2009 instead of 2008 (touch wood nothing befalls me in the next 9½ days!!!)

    Good luck with 2010 mate. And keep us posted with how things are going.