Substitution for HAY - Sutcliffe, to be replaced by Church

When I was told that I won't be able to run the London Marathon this year, my first thought (that was suitable to write on a family website!) was how I was letting my charity, HAY, down.

People have donated on the premise that I ran 26.2 miles around London on 26 April.

Now I won't be.

Having spoken to a handful of people who have sponsored me, they're happy for the money to be going to the charity - "you've been training so hard" and "you've already run more than 600 miles?!" - but it still feels like a bit of a cheat.

To try to alleviate that feeling, Leigh Church - probably the finest scientific mind of the 21st century - has agreed to be HAY's substitute runner.

Leigh is a chicken keeping scientist from near Birmingham who, like me, got a ballot place.

I 'met' Leigh via the blogosphere - he blogs on his running and chicken-keeping antics - and I asked him if he'd consider being HAY's substitute marathoner.

He kindly agreed, so they still have someone running for them - which I hope means people don't feel like they've been had.

Bear in mind I've never met Leigh, and he's never been to Hanworth, I think that is an amazing thing to do and I can't explain how grateful I am for him for agreeing to do it.

As Leigh was the one who suggested me running wearing sequins, I'm wondering if we can get some on him - will see how we go!

But, in the meantime, get over to his blog and say hello to one of the interwebs true gentlemen.

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  1. Wow, go Leigh! Definitely needs to wear some sequins :)