Taper Town here I come!

Last long run done!!!

Whoo hoo!!!

Next long one will be the London Marathon itself...


And my good mood disappears instantly...

To try to restore it, I'll reflect on my lovely sunny seaside run this morning.

As I had no idea how far I was going as I don't know this neck of the woods, I figured I'd just aim for a steady 10 minute mile pace (which I think I've worked out) for a good chunk of time.

Started off in Deal, in Kent, and headed along the Dover road for a few miles before cutting through lovely farmland and quiet country roads to Kingsdown and the sea.

I had planned on turning left and heading back along the seafront to Deal, but I saw another early morning runner heading the other way, so thought I'd have an explore.

After not very long I ran out of path, and attempting to run on the stoney beach was a stupid idea. Like running through quicksand, only pebblier (another word I may have made up!).

I'm assuming the chap I was following was swallowed by the beach, or taken by a kestrel or something.

So, I headed back the way I came and past the road where I'd come down to the seafront and saw another runner coming down the same way.

I looked round after a few minutes and he was a hundred or so yards behind me, and blatantly trying to catch me.

He was running quicker than me (probably some wussy 10k runner - pah!) and I had my planned pace to stick to, so I obviously wasn't going to race him.

Looking round again a short time later and he was about 30 yards behind, and gaining fast.

I had a plan, I was running much further than him, and this was no time to start messing around...

I opened up my strides and picked up the pace.

A few minutes later I looked again and he was now about 50 yards back.

In your face.

Sadly, the gap hadn't opened enough to get back to the easy pace, so I decided pulling a bit ahead wasn't enough.

I needed to destroy him.

So, I opened up even more, and flew through the town along the seafront.

Checked again, and I couldn't see him for a bend, and he didn't appear for a while - so he was about a quarter of a mile back.


I eased off to enjoy the sun and sea, and passed some golf course or other that's apparently occasionally used for some big tournament. Kept going towards Sandwich Bay along the seafront, and kept looking back and he was clearly fading.

I almost felt guilty, but then realised he'd just caused me to run stupidly fast on what should have been a relaxing-ish run.

After a while I couldn't see him at all. I'm assuming he was eaten by a seamonster of some kind - no more than he deserved.

So I shimmied through some weird footpath bit and started back through the golf course.

I was still feeling remarkably fresh - think the sea air and pleasant weather helped, but it was getting hotter and I was out of drink.

Thankfuly the last couple of miles through the residential bit was more shaded.

Sadly, it was also a long gentle uphill which I'd never realised in the eight or so years I've been coming here.

This was when I really felt the consequences of my stupidity. For that last bit, my legs felt like they were running on the beach again. Annoyingly, this was also the bit where there were more people so it must have looked like I was a right lazy sod - sweating and stumbling along on a little run.

When I eventually got in I stretched like a mad un, before rewarding myself with a good long soak in the bath.

So, the stupidly long runs are done, and have three weeks to taper for the big day.

If I'm not ready now, there's nowt I can do about it!

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