Super weekend blogging action round up type thing

Busy, busy weekend for e-marathoners as most were 'enjoying' their last long run of the training, and are now tapering down for the big day in three weeks.

For a change, I've even included me in this one, just to see what it's like to be reviewed (though at the bottom as I'm shy).

Becki Saves the Rhinos ran past a rare knicker tree, broke into her house and threw up. A typical experience when you're training for the London Marathon!

Sir Jog a Lot has become his own publicist - winning video competitions, and now featuring in the Horncastle News. I remember him before he was famous...

Running for Rhinos has been shopping and it helped him complete his longest run with only a bloody nipple! Wonder what the crucifix and dead horse visions are about though.

Jim seems to be mulling running naked on the big day, and may be developing a tase for orange snot. Whatever it takes to get you round I guess.

Three chickens had a 170-mile round trip to run 20 miles, but the pain in his arse is going (the joke's too easy, but please do post your own in his comments!)

I worry Mad as a Box of Frogs may have overdone it on his last long run as he thinks he's Thomas the Tank Engine and is dreaming up plots for Disney films. Dr Phil prescribes more fluids to avoid heatstroke!

The Marathoner got a bit competitive and finished the Bournemouth Half like Usain Bolt. Allegedly.

Phil Runs London started out with good intentions before getting competitive - though he did avoid being eaten by sea monsters, which is a positive!


  1. Lol I love your summaries :)

  2. It's a gift - my natural gallows humour combined with brilliant blogs by everyone!

  3. How did the beating go with the Pysio?